Saturday, February 06, 2010

Replacing the LCD on a Sony VGN-T150

I have a Sony VAIO VGN-T150 that I inherited from my wife when she broke the screen. I replaced the screen and used the computer for a couple of years. Then I broke the screen or, more specifically, United Airlines did.

Now that I'm replacing it again, I thought I'd post some helpful information. Even if you don't find it helpful, I will the next time I need it.

The VGN-T150 is also known as the PCG-4C1L, for reasons only Sony knows for sure. The screen specs are:
  • 10.6” WXGA display (1280x768)
  • XBRITETM technology
The Sony part number for the screen is:
  • A8068213A
You'll also find it written as:
  • A-8068-213-A
That's not hard to decipher, but the screen is made by Sharp, which calls it the:
  • LQ106K1LA01
I believe all of these part numbers are for screens that will work with the T-150, but do your own research, I could be wrong:
  • LQ106K1LA01D
  • A8068213A
  • 147783711
  • A-1132-489-A
  • A-8068-213-A
  • A-1132-489-A
  • A8068213A
  • LQ106K1LA01
  • Sony 147783711
  • Sony 147783721
  • Sony A1132489A
  • Sony A8068213A
Prices for the screen range from $119 to $595, so it's worth shopping around.

It seems as though the same screen is in a lot of different Vaio laptops.
  • Sony Vaio PCG-TR Series (some)
  • VGN-T92S
  • VGN-T130FP
  • VGN-T140
  • VGN-T140P (PCG-4C1L)
  • VGN-T150 (PCG-4C1L)
  • VGN-T150P
  • VGN-T150PT
  • VGN-T160P
  • VGN-T170P
  • VGN-T1XP
  • VGN-T240PL
  • VGN-T250
  • VGN-T260PL
  • VGN-T350
  • VGN-T360
  • VGN-T370P
I'm listing the other models because y0u might be able to find a broken one that still has an in-tract screen. I've never had much luck with that, but I always try.

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Chris B said...

Thanks for the part numbers. I'm debating changing the screen but was wondering if you have a how-to guide. I haven't had much luck finding one.